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About Metta Round the World

Metta Round the World is a project inspired by Venerable Mahinda, who has taught Metta and Mindfulness in over 20 countries for more than 40 years.

This global initiative connects like-minded peace-loving people with Metta, to generate the collective energy to heal the negativity and suffering in the world.

Since its launch on 1 January 2012, hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the world have participated in various ways in this initiative. The Metta Round the World project continues to evolve and grow, touching the hearts and minds of many over the years.

As we navigate through these challenging times resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, this project has now entered a new phase.

Venerable Mahinda will launch the Million Minutes of Metta & Mindfulness initiative on Vesak Day 2021 to rally and inspire people all over the world to practice Metta and Mindfulness and offer their practice for peace, harmony, and happiness of all. 

Join the Million Minutes of Metta & Mindfulness global initiative now.

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