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A message from Venerable Mahinda

In this time of crises, we need to invoke the blessings, guidance and protection of the Buddha Dhamma Sangha, and transform ourselves in order to meet the challenges of our time with love, compassion and wisdom.

Metta and Mindfulness are powerful means of self-transformation. Transformation within ourselves is essential in order to develop the wisdom and insight that will enable us to see things from a different perspective ...


Million Minutes 

Metta & Mindfulness

global initiative

The Million Minutes Metta and Mindfulness initiative is about connecting and inspiring people all over the world to bring greater love, compassion and awareness to our lives, to transform ourselves and heal a world suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.



The 2022 Aloka Online Dhamma Course is now open for registration.

Bhante Mahinda, with the assistance of Sister Sumitra, will guide participants on theory, practice and realisation through the Maha-Satipatthana Sutta.


Find out more and register at:


1. Practise Metta & Mindfulness – anywhere, anytime, anyone… on any one or more of the following:


2. Take note of the number of minutes spent in your practice and offer them for the peace, harmony, stability and happiness of all beings.


3. Send your accumulated minutes to the MMMM organiser as an individual or as part of a group, to join the global tally.


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In addition to this website, you may submit your minutes and receive updates on the Million Minutes of Metta & Mindfulness global initiative via our Telegram channel.

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